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Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov is a famed Russian physiologist that is well regarded for his progressive theories of classical conditioning. Pavlov had devoted his life studying physiology and scientists and was able to make several ground-breaking discoveries in his lifetime. His scientific work paid off and his ideas has been passed on from generation to generation and is still considered relevant in modern times. For Pavlov’s efforts and influence, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1904, which makes him among the top ranks of scientists in history. His legacy lives on due to his famous “conditioned reflex” work, which is regarded to be a breakthrough finding in physiological sciences. Though he is famous for his work with conditional reflexes, it is also apparent that he is an accomplished scientist in other fields as well.

The “conditioned reflex” that was regarded by Pavlov refers to a scientific experiment led by Pavlov in which he was examining the rates of salivations among dogs. In the experiment, he noted that whenever a buzzer or metronome sounded simultaneously while the dogs were being served food, the salivation amongst the dog would come to associate the sound of the buzzer with the presentation of food. With enough consecutive sequences and patterns, the dog will later salivate upon the presentation of the buzzer, regardless if the food was there or not. This phenomenon later because coined as “reflex at a distance” and the idea because a key concept in developing specialism in comparative psychology. The experiment also became well regarded for approaching behaviorism and has since become a huge influence on how humans perceive classic conditioning in societal modern behavior. Apart from conditional therapy, a lot of the research conducted by Pavlov included temperament and involuntary reflex actions as well. He was especially interested in the digestion process, and often oversaw research where there would be surgically extracted portions of digestive systems from animals in order to determine the effects. His research has been well regarded in each pursuit that he had taken.

Ivan Pavlov is one of the most accomplished scientists in history, and his thorough research remains to be a legacy in the modern world. The concepts that were developed by Ivan Pavlov has changed the course in science, especially when considering conditional therapy, and his research has spurred many theories and practices used today. His legacy lives on and is survived by the scientific community.

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