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How Can I Select a Good Cause and Effect Essay Topic

Cause and Effect essays are different than most standard essays.  Standard essays are typically informational or give a process of events in chronological order, such as a “how to” essay.  Standard essay topics are easier to come up with.  In a cause and effect essay you must find an interesting relationship between two subjects and write about how one affects the other in a cohesive, interesting fashion that asks the reader to rationalize.  Because you are coming up with two subjects, topics are more difficult to select.  The following strategies will help you confidently select a good cause and effect essay topic.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Personal Interests

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Common Interests

In summary, there are two methods that are the easiest to apply when confidently selecting a topic for a cause and affect essay.  One is to select a topic about subject matter that personally interests you.  The other is to select a topic where information is readily available in large quantities about topics that generally interest everyone.