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Where To Look For A Good Persuasive Essay Example On The Web

Though persuasive essays are written from the perspective of the audience but to write qualitative content students should refer to a variety of resources. Take ample of time, brainstorm the ideas and make effective transitions from one paragraph to another supporting your composition with effective rebuttals while coming to a valuable conclusion.

If you are one of them and are looking for content in depth following sources can prove to be highly fruitful for writing an influential piece of persuasive essay example

  • Blogs: Blogs offer good pieces of information. Make a research using keywords or find the information via the name of the publisher, website’s sponsor, date of post, medium of publication, date of access or via URL of the blog.
  • Books: Buy books by searching online. Again you have to offer all the details like, title of the book, name of the publisher, place and medium of publication, etc. Some of these books can be bought free of cost by simple downloads whereas in other cases, you need to spend money.
  • Search the article in the book by using chapter as the keywords: It’s not necessary that the entire book is written by any one author. Many times, a single book is the contribution of several authors and you need to find chapter by citing the author’s name and other details.
  • Look for the books via editors: Follow the same format with the difference that you need to write editors name with the abbreviation ‘ed’.
  • Refer examples of doctoral dissertations or Master’s Thesis: The information is available in the form of published dissertations. They offer well researched and solid information with proper evidences. Find them via author’s name, name of the granting university, descriptive label, year of publication and other details. Search them on online database.
  • EBook: Find them by offering similar details as you do for any other book. Only difference is that it is an electronic book that can be availed only in printed format on web. Such eBooks can be cited via electronic devices like iPad, Kindle Nook file, EPUB or PDF files.
  • Online articles on Encyclopedia: Access the database by looking at the regular publications of online database. You need to find information as you do for a printed resource. Feed in all the information along with the URL link.
  • Journal articles and online magazines: These offer updated information and you need to search on web.
  • Newspaper articles: Check out the content of editorial column and you would find highly refined content for persuasive essays.
  • Essay websites: Extract the essay on the desired topic and write an effective composition.

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