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Literature Pertaining to Humanity

Literature existed long before people invented the language, learnt reading and writing. The stories are found everywhere and our ancestors talk to us from time immemorial. Human traditions, beliefs and cultures are based on literature. It reflects the world around and becomes an art product. Books transfer knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation. The written stories manifest life, enhance wonders, inspire explorers, and hold memories. It is impossible to imagine our lives without literature.

In history of the earliest human civilizations, literature played a great role providing knowledge about the world around. People tried to write down the ideas and guesses about their way of life and helpful practices. The oldest written manuscript in the world was the Holy Bible. Numerous stories, beliefs and spiritual instructions founded one of the world religions. Human values and religious ceremonies were also explained in the Torah, Qur’an, and Veda. Another socially important works were those written by the Greek philosophers, for instance Plato praised the human wisdom.

One can hardly name a more powerful instrument of revolution than a word. In a literary form, people started the events, described them in a certain way and made the desired conclusions. It is hard to underestimate the role of the most prominent revolutionist works, e.g. 95 Theses by Martin Luther, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr., and others. Germany, France and the United States consider these pieces of literature extremely influential. Literature is a great tool to show the love for one's native country. Let’s not forget that a national anthem is a form of literature, a manifestation of patriotism and respect towards a country.

Strangely enough, today literature serves the same purposes as the thousands of years ago. It is an important source of knowledge, an entertainment and a piece of art. Books are published in hard covers and in electronic formats, but the readers still search for knowledge or have fun using their imagination and travelling in the fictional worlds. New ideas are developed and crafted by many authors. Millions of fans wait impatiently for a new book to arrive at the bookstore. They miss their favorite characters and often want to see them on a big screen. Movies represent literature and give life to the characters. Literature is around us; the Internet, magazines, TV and the like contain words and phrases and share ideas of other people. They are different, and life is different as well. Literature pertains to humanity; it reflects our mind and the world around us.

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