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Personal Essay Writing: Easy Ways To Complete Your Paper

Have you been tasked with writing a personal essay for a class that you are currently taking? This can be a relatively challenging task for students to accomplish before the pre-established deadline. The reason that this can be difficult to complete include:

  • Personal essays are hard to start because many students cannot think of one compelling element of his or her life to write about
  • This can be challenging because there might be too much information to write about and narrow down
  • Students typically have busy schedules while trying to get involved in many activities so that he or she will appear to be a great candidate for a collegiate program
  • If the topic is too vague, students often find it challenging to create a specific topic from a general task

These are just a few of the most challenging difficulties that students have with personal essays. If you are a student who is finding it difficult to get started with your personal essay then you are going to want to follow the guidelines below. These instructions will help you to write your personal essay in no time:

  • First you are going to write the top three most memorable moments in your life that are school appropriate. They can be positive or negative it is up to you.
  • Then you are going to write down the supporting information about each memory that you wrote down and how it impacted you as an individual.
  • The topic that had the most supporting information is the subject that you are going to choose.
  • Next you are going to write down the top three qualities that describe you as an individual.
  • Then you are going to write down instances that you exhibited those qualities.
  • Those three qualities will help to formulate your main sentence.
  • You will then put all of this information in to an outline
  • You will have an introduction paragraph that have your main sentence in it, then your body paragraphs that will talk about your qualities, then you will tell your memory that helped to shape you as an individual, and then your conclusion statement or paragraph.
  • Finally, you will dedicate one body paragraph to each quality and support the idea with details and information.

Once you have followed all of these instructions, you are finally ready to get started with your first draft. You will proceed to edit, revise, and rewrite your essay to ensure that you are following the format and grammar guidelines.

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