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A Book Report can be written in 2 Hours

So, there’s a book report due in just a few hours and you haven’t so much as read the book? Don’t panic just yet. Most book report assignments can be easily completed in two hours (or even less!) thanks to copious resources available online.

Find a Synopsis

You’ll need to find a synopsis of the book online. This is generally not too difficult. At the very least, find reviews of the book or forum discussions which cover the major plot points. If you follow the guide here, these will generally be enough material for you to write the book report.

Research the Book

You’d be surprised how helpful some background information on the book—especially if it’s a classic—can be. Find out a bit about the author, when it was published, and the social context. This is easily done if the book was written some time ago, or if the author has become relatively famous. Author interviews regarding the book are immensely helpful as well.

Outline the Report

Using the following outline, you should be done in under two hours!

  • Introduction: The name of the book, the name of the author, several lines about the context in which the book was written, or the topic it covers (if it’s a historical event, for example). If it’s a novel about slave life in the American South, for example, a few lines about antebellum life are appropriate.
  • Main Characters: Choose two to four of the main characters you’ve learned about from the synopsis and discuss them individually. You can put them each in their own section. Include things like their physical appearance, if relevant, and anything you know about their relationships with other major and minor characters.
  • Plot: Put those synopses, reviews, and forum posts to good use and write your own summary of the plot. Include every detail you’ve found in other summaries. You’re almost done!
  • Opinion: Now for your opinion or analysis of the book. Don’t dwell on the fact that you only know a small percentage of it second hand. It’s easy to imagine your feelings regarding the book after studying the various summaries of it you’ve found. Stick to your guns. Back your opinion up with elements of the summaries you’ve read about, as well as with things you’ve learned about its social and historical context, and about the author.
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