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7 Main Indicators of a Trustworthy Essay Writer

When you employ the services of a professional essay writer, you will need to make sure that this person can be trusted with your assignment. A truly reliable specialist should possess the following qualities:

  1. Certifications.
  2. A trustworthy writer will not have problems with proving the fact that he or she is indeed a professional. If you request it, you should be provided with the copies of diploma and certifications the author has. Please note that it’s not mandatory for an essay writer to be a qualified professional in the subject the paper is about. A certificate that proves the person’s proficiency in English should be enough. However, custom dissertation writers must hold a degree in the subject.

  3. Professionalism.
  4. It’s difficult to assess one’s level of professionalism before you actually start working together. However, you can get some idea of this during your chats or through correspondence. A highly qualified professional will answer your questions clearly and to the point. The issues you talk about in your letters/messages will be explained in a manner easy for a non-professional to understand. Punctuality and swiftness with replies also are defining traits of a professional.

  5. Reasonable rates.
  6. Of course, a good author must make decent profit from his or her work. However, a truly good professional will not overcharge you for his or her service. Do some research and determine average rates. Those who charge considerably more should be avoided.

  7. Open mind.
  8. Some authors are sure that they know better and might dismiss your ideas and suggestions. A good professional will not do this as you are a client and your opinion must be considered. You should discuss this issue beforehand to be sure that the changes you request will be made.

  9. Ability to accept criticism.
  10. Many authors struggle with accepting criticism from their clients. You must make sure that the requirements of the assignment are clearly defined beforehand. This way, you will have solid ground to criticize the essay and demand changes.

  11. Excellent English skills.
  12. You should study some samples of the writer’s works in order to assess his or her level of skill with the language. Remember that the quality of writing is as important for your grade as the quality of research. It’s always best to employ native English speakers as their proficiency with the language is the highest.

  13. Compatible personality.
  14. You will need to have quite a few discussions with the writer in order to explain everything you want to get from this assignment. It will be easier with someone you can get along with.

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