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How To Find Good Visual Essay Topics: Guidelines And Examples

A basic set of guidelines to help in the production and development of visual essays

What are visual essays?

The utilization of images, illustrations and other forms of image representation in addition to textual expressions in the form of words to posit an expression of thought or opinion is called a visual paper writing.

What can be achieved by the use of visual writing papers?

Visual essays can be used to recollect some events, make an argument or a claim, explain a certain issue or topics, illustrate some problematic situation, or even tell a personal anecdote.

Often times visual papers are finally represented in the form of slides or videos, but they can also be in the form of posters.

What purpose is served via visual essays?

Visual papers are usually more interesting and attractive when compared to ordinary textual papers. The addition of music, illustrations, videos, impactful quotes and strong pictures catch the attention of the audience in a more powerful manner than the ordinary papers.

What could be the constituents of visual papers?

A strong visual paper will be attractive as well as informative. This combination can be achieved by a dynamic utilization of some or all of the following elements:

  • Pictures
  • Short Videos
  • Custom made videos or films
  • Works of art
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Music
  • Graphs
  • Sound

What will the process of creating a visual essay entail?

The entire process will be a series of basic steps that in coalesce produce a compelling work product.

Firstly, brainstorming gets the process going, consequent planning and research follow.

Secondly, amassing images and videos from various sources so as to give the paper an interactive outlook is followed.

Thirdly, a good publishing or editing software should be used to put together the various items that you have collected.

Lastly, a good and interactive presentation of the paper is the most critical step. You may have a killer visual paper, but if you cannot present it well when you upload it on YouTube, or show it in class, then it will almost invariably fail to impress.

What must one do to start the process?

The determination of the topic and the scope of the essay will cut short your work significantly. A topic is any broad issue or theme about just about anything. Within a topic there are multiple scopes or aspects or factors that are in play. You must decide which is the particular aspect about which you want to talk.

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