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Over time, golf balls have known different stages of perfection because of the commitment to making a golf ball which would meet golfers’ requirements. Thus, during centuries, players are going to play with several types of balls before the contemporary golf ball. This golf ball possesses on its surface some dimples which render it unique. Then, what are the effects of dimples on golf ball?

Any object projected in space travels with a velocity according to its form, its weight and the force which propels it. Thus, when you throw with the same power two identical objects of different mass, you notice that the lighter objects move faster and further than the heavier ones. Also, for objects displaying structures in which wind can blow and propel the thrown mass, the conditions for being propelled are gathered. It is the case of wind force against the sail of boats. The condition to realize such reaction is the presence of dimples in which wind can blow and occasioned the motion of the object. In the same vein, the dimples on the ball have some effects on the speed of the golf ball propelled in space. The dimples help the golf ball to going far in its trajectory. (SCIENTIFICAMERICAN) thus, the rotation of the ball in space is a visible sign of its drag by the air. As well, the ball's weight is a key element of its velocity. A considerable quantity of the material used to make golf ball is removed from the initial ball to realize the dimple, lighten the golf ball and help it fly farther. Finally, the initial weight of the plastic used to make the golf ball is also a factor of its power of projection. The principal weight of the golf ball affected by the dimples lightens the more the golf ball. In such case, we have a ball which fills more than the conditions to be projected.

In a nutshell, the dimples on golf ball are not made for decoration purposes. They play a very important role in the golf balls velocity. It lightens the golf balls to help it go farther. Also, the lightness of the plastic used to make the golf balls combined with the man-made dimples lead the ball to going farther. The golf balls being in perpetual progress, the possibility to have more perfect golf balls is not to be neglected. Thus, can we think to play golf with sophisticated balls in coming years?

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