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How to Find a Review Essay Online for Free: 5 Helpful Tips

Review essays are one of the most difficult kinds of papers to write: you need to demonstrate a profound understanding of the original work, and be able to critically analyze it. However, the Internet has lots of free quality samples to help you master these skills.

  1. Browse your school, or college, online database.
  2. Some educational institutions store all electronically submitted student work to date. There might be lots of above-average examples, by students who have completed this course before. Set specific parameters (e. g. “review essay” as an exact phrase) to discover relevant samples. Most likely, you will not be able to see the actual grades, but at least you can be sure that these essays have been written with your instructor’s expectations in mind.

  3. Search for examples on your subject.
  4. When you search the general Web, rather than a specific database, refine your search by topic. Do you need examples of review papers on a book, an article, or another student’s work? Be sure to include this condition in your search query, or else you might waste time exploring lots of irrelevant links. In the case of a well-known book or article you might go even narrower, and only look for essays specifically written on this title.

  5. Join an online library.
  6. Online academic libraries offer a great choice of textbooks, scholarly articles, and exemplary student papers. Join one to make sure. Even in libraries where regular access is paid, you can often have a free trial for a day or more. Sign up for the trial, browse the library for great essay examples, and then cancel your subscription when the trial period expires.

  7. Explore free homework help resources.
  8. There are lots of free resources created to help students who struggle with essay writing. These websites contain useful tips, links to academically appropriate sources, and sample papers. Look for a notion as to whether the examples were written as samples, or submitted by students - the latter is preferable. When you try to model a sample, written by a professional, it can make your tone and your voice stiff and unnatural.

  9. Look for free samples by research writing professionals.
  10. Most writing services upload free essays on their websites in order to demonstrate the skill of their writing team, and attract clients. These samples are often downloadable. Limit your search by file type (.doc or .pdf) to get quick access to them. Before you download anything, check the website’s credibility. Scan any downloaded files with your antivirus.

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