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Best College Essay Topics To Write About: Expert Suggestions

When writing your college essay, college admission boards will tell you that the piece has to focus on how you are different. You want to show that you are unique and that you have a special quality that the university needs. You must always remember your audience and make sure that your paper has no errors. Use our expert suggestions on the best college essay topics to write about.

Expert Suggestions

  • Your hidden talent-you may have a talent or skill that is different, and telling the board about this talent gives them a look at who you really are. For example, most young people do not take ballroom dancing, but if you did and you revealed this, the school would see you have an appreciation for the classics and dance.
  • Your biggest mistake-do not write this if your biggest mistake made you land in jail. However, if your mistake caused you to learn a lesson, it will make for a good essay. Maybe you wrecked your car and had to work to pay the deductible and repairs. This would show you took on a responsible role when times were bad.
  • Your hero-this is only good if your hero is someone very unexpected. If you are going to write about a sports’ star that has a large amount of homeruns, the board is not interested. But if you are going to write about the lady one block over who has made sure no neighborhood child goes without school supplies, then write it. The person you pick for your hero says volumes about who you are.
  • A bad habit you broke-it takes a lot of willpower to break a bad habit. The person who can do so is usually hardworking and focused. These two qualities are attractive to colleges. Go ahead and reveal the habit you broke and how you do it. This expert suggestion is one of the best topic ideas for a college essay.

Many smart and talented people apply to colleges. You are one in a crowd of many people. Your essay needs to take the person reading it beyond your intelligence. You must stand out to the audience. They want to know what kind of person you are and how you can give to the campus while you attend school there. Use our expert suggestions and topics for your college essay.

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