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There are many fast food restaurants in the world, but only one is number one. McDonald’s has been consistently at the very top of all fast food chains for a very long time. What makes McDonald’s the best is the food they serve, and their family-like atmosphere that draws billions of people to its various locations all around the world. For people who love to go to McDonald’s often, there may be a lot of questions as to how this fast food king began, and the history of it is actually quite an interesting story that anyone that ears there is going to want to know about.

The History of McDonald’s

In 1902, a baby named Ray Kroc was born, and no one knew at that time, that one day he would change the face of the fast food industry. Ray Kroc joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver to help the war effort and after it was over, he had a variety of different jobs including being a paper cup sales man, and also sold multi-mixers. One day, Kroc received an order for eight mixers, which surprised him, so he went to investigate who placed this large order. Heading to San Bernardino, Kroc discovered the order came from a restaurant owned by a pair of brothers named Dick and Mac McDonald. Kroc spoke to the brothers, and was quite surprised how two men could run a restaurant so efficiently, and pitched the idea of opening them all over the United States. In 1955, Kroc created the McDonald’s Corporation, and five years later, he bought the rights to the name and a franchise was born!

What made McDonald’s so successful was the philosophy Ray Kroc developed, which was food that is over the highest quality, a specific order of food preparation, making sure that every McDonald’s location maintains high standards of cleanliness, and the last principle Kroc created was value. To ensure that these standards are kept up, Ray Kroc created Hamburger University in 1961. At Hamburger University, franchise owners learn how to run each franchise location successfully, and as of this day, over 80 thousand people have graduated from the program.

Ray Kroc worked at McDonald’s until 1984, when the 82-year-old man ended up having to be in a wheelchair, and died soon after. However, though Ray Kroc is gone, his legacy lives on in every McDonald’s location.

McDonald’s has on its sign that billions have been served, and since Ray Kroc took it over in the late 50s, that statement is true. Even today, McDonald’s is the number one fast food franchise, and the reason why is because Ray Kroc wanted his restaurant to be run according to a set of standards that had four principles, which are high quality food, quality service, cleanliness, and value. Though Ray Kroc died in 1984, his legacy will always remain as long as McDonald’s continues to serve the food it is famous for.

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