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What to Know about Writing Evaluation Essays

As a college student you will be asked to write all different types of essays. It is important that you have a great understanding of each one available. For the purpose of this article discussion will be centered on the evaluation essay. What is an evaluation essay you ask? Well here goes:

What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay asks that you evaluate a product, like paper, service, etc. The paper seeks to give a reader an understanding of the quality of a product. Such an essay requires the author to use opinions and analysis to serve as a basis for the evaluation. There are three things one must have in order to form a good evaluation essay. These are

  • Criteria for which the product will be judged or evaluated.
  • Judgments or opinions and analysis of the product.
  • Evidence to support your judgments of the product.


A criterion starts with establishing what the ideal is for the product or service. IE what should be expected of this product? The more criteria established, the more factual, rather than opinion based, the report will be. Criteria can include cleanliness of a restaurant, prices of a service, etc.


Judgment refers to whether or not the evaluator believes the criteria have been met or not. For example The restaurant bathrooms were either clean or they were not.


Evidence supports your judgments. Say for instance the bathroom of the restaurant was not clean. You would make note of examples like mirrors had spots on them, or trash was flowing from the garbage. In order to make a paper stand out you need all these elements.

It is important to remember that an evaluation must remain fair. You have to rely only on observations to serve as the basis of your report, weather good or bad. Before starting your paper you need to locate a product, service, or program in which you will evaluate. When crafting an evaluation paper your criteria should be the topics of your paragraphs. Within the following paragraphs you should let the reader know what your judgment was and what the basis for your judgment was. At the beginning of your paper you must note your thesis and stay on topic throughout the paper. You don’t want you readers to lose focus, which takes away from the overall quality of what you are offering to them.

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