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Essay On Gun Control - Do Not Be Radical

To be an American generally means that you believe in the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms that it provides. Over the years, fewer topics have been debated more than the issue of gun control. This is the government placing significant limits or controls over what types of weapons can be owned by whom. This debate has taken many turns over the years but still there is no real solution in sight. It seems like there should be a common sense argument that protects the rights of people and allows for a safe and functioning society.

Register Noone

The Second Amendment of the Constitution states that we all have the right to bear arms and that phrase has been used to justify owning any type of weapon. It doesn’t matter if it is an assault rifle that could only be used appropriately as a military weapon. It is an arm and we should have a right to bear it. There is no way to justify the ownership and use of these types of weapons. Without any limits then you get into the debate about which types of weapons are appropriate and which are not. If assault rifles are legal for an individual to own, why aren’t large homemade explosive devices? They both cause a danger to other people in the wrong hands and the government has stepped in to decide who that is. Without government control it would be easy for terrorists to get armed and to cause trouble.

Register Everyone

On the other side is the argument that every gun should be registered so that the government knows who is armed and who is not. This is the part of the equation that will deny people their basic freedoms. No matter what excuse the government uses for limiting or registering guns, it still is not going to stop criminals from having guns, it is just going to stop honest law abiding citizens from defending themselves. People will argue that any sort of government observation or invasion into their lives is going to limit their freedom. Once you start to have people registering their property and location, then where will it end?

In the end, there will have to be some sort of compromise on this issue, where people are allowed to have some sort of privacy and still own guns. The most important part is that both sides come to the table with the understanding of the other. That doesn’t mean that there is an agreement between them but an understanding of the concerns of the other. This dialogue is the best chance we have of coming up with an appropriate solution to the gun control issue.

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