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Most Commonly Used College Persuasive Speech Topics

At some point or another during your academic career, you are going to be asked to write a persuasive speech. There are tons of different topics that you are going to be able to choose from. Many times, your speech will need to be on a controversial topic. This is because in order for the speech to be persuasive there needs to be at least two sides to the situation. When it comes to the most commonly used persuasive essay topics it is going to be a very personal decision for you to make regarding which one to select, and then what side of the argument you are going to present in your speech. Some of the most commonly used college persuasive speech topics include:

  • Same sex marriage- You will be able to write about whether you support it or not, and whether other people should support it or not. The point is to try to get someone else to understand your point of view and make him or her agree to some extent.
  • Adoption- This is a very controversial topic for some people, you will be able to find information about adoption and present it in a persuasive manner.
  • Heaven and Hell- This topic will be sure to get the audience going, especially if you choose a relevant topic that is trying to support or dismiss information associated with this topic.
  • Abortion- You will spur a lively debate with this speech topic. Many people have very firm views on this topic, just makes sure to lead with fact and not opinion.
  • TV violence- There is a lot of violence on TV and in video games, do you think that this has an impact on the behaviors of humans?
  • Gun control- You will be sure to get a conversation going with this speech topic. You can present information regarding the various laws concerning this topic and then voice your opinion. You will need to back your opinion up with facts and not more opinions though.
  • Internet- There is a lot of information that is available regarding the security and safety of the Internet. What age is appropriate for Internet use? How to protect yourself and others on the Internet is another good topic.
  • Profiling- This is a riveting topic for people who feel as though it exists in his or her hometown.
  • These are just some of the most commonly used persuasive speech topics that are available online.

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