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How to Check an Essay Sample You Found Online for Plagiarism

Essay samples are usually given for the ease of a student so that they can follow a pattern and can easily be able to understand how they should write their essays. However, it is also important to ensure that the source or material you are learning from is not a piece of stolen information.

Plagiarism checking software is now available for people to use. All they have to do is install them on their computer or laptops and they will be able check which information has been taken from which source etc.

First, let us clear one misconception. Usually people tend to copy paste the content they found from the sample and then check it for plagiarism. That is completely wrong. The result that the person gets is that of his or her own copy pasted document, not the sample itself. In order to refrain from such problems it is required that first the person downloads the draft and then check for plagiarism.

If the sample is proven guilty of plagiarism then it should be discarded immediately. Do not base the roots to your understanding on a piece of information that is not reliable. do not waste time on such samples and quickly get on with the task of looking for more essay samples so you can skim through those and check if they have made the same crime that the previous one did and if you are lucky to find a flawless piece of paper then you could not be more luckier.

Make use of only those sources which are authentic and which will not be give you any sort of doubt about what you learn from it.

In case if you do not have a plagiarism checker or do not have computer or laptop to install it in then another method is to discuss it with your professor and ask them about the sample you discovered. Once you can see it with your professor then ask them to see if it is plagiarism free or not. If it is then well and good and if it is not then you need to keep looking.

This might sound like wasting time and that it would have been better if you had gone directly into writing the final essay but trust yourself in this decision. The more in-depth you understand the dynamics of essay writing the better.

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