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Creating An Interesting Literary Essay On Merchant Of Venice

Literary essays are very common in high school, so you need to know how to tackle them. Basically, all you have to do is to analyze, explore and narrate about a specific piece of literature. If your subject is Merchant of Venice, you are lucky. There are so many different characters and stories in this play, that it will be very easy to build a colorful, complex essay. Besides, anyone knows something about Shakespeare, so you will not have to waste too much time with research. Keep these tips in mind when you start writing:

  • Don’t focus on one aspect alone. This play has many characters and stories and you can be tempted to analyze just one of them. However, this will only limit your creativity and potential. It’s better to discuss about the entire play, not about specific pieces, even if you have to leave outside some details.
  • The society and habits. We can’t discuss about something that happened hundreds of years ago, unless we know how the society worked in those times. You can make in your essay a clear description of the society’s norms, and you can help your colleagues understand how the public was looking at certain aspects. Also, some actions would be considered disgusting nowadays but in that time it was something completely normal and, sometimes, even funny. Don’t try to judge those facts without knowing all the details.
  • Discuss about the drama of Portia. This is one of the most amusing, but suggestive parts of the play. This is also why many people say that most of Shakespeare plays are putting women in a bad position. Do you think that nowadays this would be possible? It was a mistake form Portia to accept this way of choosing her husband, or she should count on her opinion alone? Remember that you need to be innovative when you write a literary essay.
  • Religion. As you know, in this play there are different characters, some of them Christian and some of them Jews. The Jews are following a stereotype in the play, by being interested in money in business more than anything else.
  • Do you think that this is a way of mocking religion, or it was just the reality of those times? Can you find a few characteristics for the Christian character? Don’t forget to mention a conclusion at the end.

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