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The 2 Types Of Descriptive Essay: An Academic Tutorial

Descriptive Essays

The major goal of a descriptive essay is to enlighten the reader about the topic, throughout the document. For example, if you decide to write a descriptive essay about a sports event, you have to describe the players, venue, result and every other detail.

Choosing details

When you choose the details for your writing, list down specific pieces of information or facts that you want to include in the writing. It is impossible to add every facet of the topic into your writing.


There are 2 kinds of descriptive essays. The first type deals with persons and the second one is about objects. When you describe a person, you should add the physical features and details that appeals readers emotionally and physically. The other type is describing physical objects. This type of writing should be physically appealing to the reader rather than emotionally. The writer has the freedom to use metaphors, while writing this kind of writing.

Tips on Writing Descriptive Essays
  • First step is to think about the person or object you are going to describe. Think about the qualities and features of your topic which you wish to add in your writing. If your topic is about a person, don’t limit the writing with the physical characteristics. You should include memories, feelings and ideas the subject evokes.
  • The second step is about drafting. When drafting always remember, the goal to give the reader a great experience of the subject. What sights, sounds, smells and tastes are the key to describe your object.
  • The third step is the revision step. In this step, writer can review, modify and reorganize the work. You can check whether you have missed any minor point which has to be mentioned and avoid unwanted points in the document by revising. You can also check whether each paragraph focus on one aspect of your description using this step.
  • The next step is editing. The writer should proofread the essay and correct the spelling and grammatical errors. You can improve the style and clarity of the writing by this process.
  • You can evaluate your work by showing it to an expert and you can seek his advice.

These are the major tips which help you to describe a person or an object while you write descriptive essays.

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