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Buy An Essay Paper – Can I Be Scammed?

How to avoid scammers when buying papers?

Have you decided to trust a paper writing service with your assignment for class or for your thesis? You have probably noticed that there are many different websites and services that offer this invaluable student. More and more students are using such services, in fact, which helps explain the proliferation of the business!

But whenever a market becomes saturated with demand and supply, it also becomes a breeding ground for scammers and fraudulent activity. And if you’re a broke college student, you can’t afford to buy a paper only to discover it isn’t original, or that your money didn’t actually go to a professional writer. Here are some things to look out for.

Vagueness about writer’s backgrounds

If you are working with a true, professional essay selling company, you should be able to access information about the writers you are working with. Websites that are scammy or untrustworthy often do not post any information about their writers whatsoever, and instead just list the essays by topic. If there are no names or background info on the website, you should be suspicious of the service.

No escrow protection

A potential scam website will not protect your money when you submit it prior to receiving an essay. If you are expected to pay the writer prior to receiving their work, with no means of reclaiming your money if the work is sub par, you may be getting scammed.

Essays are listed by topic for immediate purchase

You want to buy an essay that has been written on demand, by a writer of your choosing with an appropriate background. You do not want to buy an essay that is pre-written and sitting on a webpage waiting for others to download it as well. Websites that sell essays in bulk are potentially dangerous, and are often scams.

Personal information is requested

If you are asked to provide your home address, phone number, or social security number for reasons that seem unclear, take heed and be careful. There is no reason for an essay selling service to ask for any information other than your contact info and your payment method. If you are expected to fill out any additional information, especially private information like your social security number, do not work with the service! They may be attempting to steal your identity, using your payment information as well to extract funds from your bank accounts.

If you look out for these clear red flags, you can weed out most of the fraudulent services out of consideration.

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