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Is Social Justice A Coherent Ideology In 21st Century Canada?

Social justice in Canada can be an idealist concept in the 21st century, but many feel elements related to it will need a considerable amount of work to make them a reality. Like other nations around the world, government bodies, organizations and community groups work together to strategize on how they can make their nation better for citizens and generations to follow. It seems as if one problem arises, a number of others follow or they become more complex as a solution is developed. The main idea is to ensure citizens of Canada receive fairness, respect and the ability to live a good life.

Canada has several areas of concern on their agenda when it comes to social justice or a just society for all. One includes maintaining social order. There were events that happened in Canada and in other parts of the world that raised concerns about national security and what measures can be taken. Such events included people being unhappy with lack of economic opportunities that would allow for them to live a better life. Another element on their agenda includes health and how to sustain it throughout their communities.

Canada created a number of initiatives that included health insurance as safety nets for citizens after World War II. Much of the public invested in such programs but they later on started investing in private alternatives. Meaning, citizens did not want to pay taxes toward programs that provide support for Canadians in need or public services. A third element of concern includes the workforce and growing elderly population. The country believes more people will become too old to work which could affect economic growth and the ability to sustain growth. In this, they want to create a solution that will allow more groups of people to contribute to the economy while providing services to those not employed.

Social justice may be a new term for many but concepts related to it have been in play for years. Canada is likely not the only country working toward developing this movement. This can be accomplished but with time, patience and a lot of work. People need to be willing to contribute more ideas and act on them. At the same time, it is hard to tell when such solutions can be implemented when other issues need just as much time and attention.

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