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Academic tips for students - how to write a proposal essay paper

Some people are naturally good at selling and others shy away from the topic. If you are writing a proposal for an essay paper then you have no choice about tackling the topic of selling. According to US essay writers , what is required is you convincing your teacher or professor or some academic body that the topic for an essay you wish to write is a good one. You become a salesperson selling your idea and why it will work.

You don't like the idea? Well, like it or not if you want to get permission to write the essay you have to sell its value. This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to make a personal appearance and tap dance your way through an audition. But it does mean that you are going to have to write a proposal which is well thought out, well presented and deserving of gaining acceptance.

Your essay proposal consists of a number of sections

  • There will be an introduction.
  • There will be a proposal.
  • There will be a plan of action.
  • You will list the desired outcomes.
  • You will list the resources needed.
  • And there will be a conclusion.

The introduction is just that. It tells the reader or the people who are examining the proposal what your essay will be about. It gives them information.

The statement of purpose is of the why factor of your proposal. You are explaining what you intend to write about, what your proposal is all about and absolutely nothing else. Keep this as short as possible.

The plan of action is just that. You told the reader what your proposal is and why you're doing it, you now have to explain how you're going to do it. What will be your preparation, what will be your methodology?

The benefits section of your proposal is where the selling comes in. This is where you list all the benefits which will accrue from you having written this paper. The better you are at writing the benefits, the more likely you are to have your proposal accepted.

Now you need to explain the resources you will need to achieve those benefits so this is the section where you talk about research material and whatever else is needed to produce this winning paper.

And finally there is the conclusion. This can be tricky because you do not want to repeat what you've already stated in the introduction. Yes, you do need to make a summary of the points above. But use as few words as possible to make this a knockout punch.

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