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50 Argument Essay Topics Recommended By Professors

Here is a list of fifty argumentative essay topics that are recommended by professors.

50 Argument Essay Topics

  • Do you think that global warming/climate change manmade?
  • Is the death penalty an effective way to punish people?
  • Is the election process in the United States fair?
  • Do college rely too much on SAT scores in their selections process?
  • Is there any time where torture is acceptable?
  • When a man becomes a father, should he receive paternity leave from his job too?
  • Is the lottery really a good idea?
  • Is our taxation system fair to all Americans?
  • Do curfews keeps kids out of trouble?
  • Is cheating in school out of control?
  • Have we become too dependent on technology, i.e. computers?
  • How clueless are parents about child predators online?
  • Is there an alterative to using animals for research or is this the best way?
  • Should cigarettes be banned, like other addictive drugs?
  • How dangerous are cell phones?
  • Are cameras used by law enforcement an invasion of a person’s privacy?
  • Are test scores like standardized test really a good measure of how well a school is doing and should they be used to determine the school budget?
  • Are today’s child better or worst behaved than years ago?
  • Should children’s marketing be banned?
  • Should the government have say so over our diet?
  • Does easy access to condoms prevent STDs and Pregnancy?
  • Or does access to condoms lead to irresponsible or bad behavior?
  • Do famous actors and athletes get paid way too much?
  • Do CEOs get paid too much?
  • Children that play violent video games, do they have more behavior problems?
  • Creationism or Evolution, which should be taught in schools?
  • Beauty pageants exploitive?
  • Do you think English should be the official language of the U.S.?
  • Should NASCAR and other racing industries use biofuel?
  • Are teens smart enough to make their own decisions?
  • Should the military be banned from recruit in schools?
  • Should we increase or decrease the drinking age?
  • How much does age matter in relationships?
  • When should a teen be allowed to date?
  • Should same sex couple be allowed to marry?
  • What are the benefits of going to a boys or girls school?
  • Are bored kids more likely to get in trouble?
  • Do sports keep kids out of trouble?
  • Is competition good for kids?
  • How often does religion cause war or doesn’t it?
  • Should our government provide health care to all?
  • Do you think girls should ask boys out?
  • How important is fashion?
  • Why are girls so mean to each other?
  • Should homework be banned or modified?
  • Should students grade their teachers too?
  • Are colleges charging too much for an education?
  • Do college admission expect too much out of students?
  • Do certain chemicals really lead to cancer?
  • Should pharmaceutical advertising be banned like other counties?

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