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Writing an Introduction Paragraph: What Words to Use

The purpose of the introduction paragraph

An introduction paragraph is one of the most critical parts of your essay. This is where you present your topic to the reader. Students need to be very careful with this because it is the opening paragraph of your essay. This is the first impression of your essay and it must be strong. The introduction of your essay has two basic aims. The first thing it needs to do is hook the audience or capture the reader’s attention. This can only be done by the right words and phrases. The second thing it should do is, give an overview of what you will find in the rest of your essay. You can do this by using the right tone and phrases.

What words to use and to not in your introduction

Using the right words in your essay is very important. Many students think that if they use complex terminologies in their essay it will show that they are very learned. However, this is not the case. Writing an introduction is a very careful process. Professional writers usually adopt different approaches for writing an introduction. These approaches also include the vocabulary and selection of the right words. Words have their own energies associated to them. Some words can ruin the impression of your paper and some can make it look excellent. Only a keen eye can tell the difference between right and wrong choice of words.

  1. The last thing you want to do in an introduction is use the words “in my opinion” or “my humble mind thinks” or “I assume.” All these words show that you are doubtful about the sentence that follows and you are not sure of it. You have to tell your readers that you have a strong hold over your subject. Do not sound lame by using such words that show doubtfulness.
  2. Make sure you do not use jargon or abbreviations in your introduction paragraph. You might be comfortable with these terms because you are already aware of them. Most of your readers will not know what these terms mean. This can create confusion
  3. Use questions, real statistics and facts to develop interest in your paragraph
  4. Use famous person and their quotes to add more value in your paper. It can be something they said, or something they did.

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