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Voting in the United States Should be Required by Law

The voting system in the United States provides registered voters options to voting in the national election. Days before the Election Day it is impossible to know who will be the president, but the certainty of voter turnout remains abysmal and the results depend on the number of voters practicing their constitutional right. Reforms by the United States government could increase the turnout but the most appropriate way would make voting mandatory by law.

Making voting a requirement by the law would make elections valid since it protects the integrity of elections. Republicans provide rationale to the cynical restrictive identification of voter ID in Pennsylvania but the integrity of elections shown with the eligibility of voters. Having the voter identification would temper polarization of politics. Currently, in United States the electorate has partisan believers over-represented in the voting process while the moderates and independents claim to be under-represented in the voting process. If all the registered voters voted, politicians would go to places where they would get the most votes. This would make them responsive to the poor, less educated and young Americans who rarely vote.

Mandatory voting would make American keen on their choices during voting. Americans often lament after making choices based on civic knowledge as they focus on the supply of information more that facts. Making voting mandatory by law makes Americans demand for better leaders. The move of making voting mandatory by law motivates voters to learn what they represented through voting.

Many arguments arise against mandatory voting in the United States, though they all lack reflection on democracy. Increasing uninformed voters will decrease policymaking. This presumes that policymaking in the U.S. provides a higher mark of enlightenment. It assumes that the non-voters are stupid and do not understand the essence of elections. The idea of mandatory voting in America is unclear since most Americans think that it cannot work yet going to school, taxpaying, the jury and the draft are madatory. The drafting of the constitution was not about the right to be let alone, but also the right to represent America in decision-making. It is vital for Americans to practice liberty. Liberty is the process of electing representatives that voice public issues. This is why making voting mandatory in America has nothing to do with politics.

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