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How To Compose A Winning Cause And Effect Essay on deforestation

Write a winning essay from the perspective of a lion trapped by villagers. The villagers are rejoicing having somehow got the better of the ferocious creature with the help of sickles, mallets and canes.

Who fears whom?

Move the essay into why the lion moved into the village when clearly Man is the only specie that the Lord of the Jungle fears. The lion slowly but surely sees the walls of his house dislocated and then completely removed. The immediate environment keeps thinning until the dense forest in which he reigned was reduced to mere tree stumps.

The lion’s perspective

Create pathos in the essay as he feels for the absence of the monkey’s chatter; the birds’ songs and even the rattle of antlers as the would-be prey ran for their lives from the predators. In those days, even when the lion was unable to catch a prey, he was assured by the homeliness of the jungle and the verdant foliage that he would get his full the next day. Suddenly, his hopes turned to ashes as the very jungle which housed them was deforested to now house humans.

Out of comfort zone

Distraught and hungry, he had to move to the village to get his food. He actually killed two villagers before a swarm of them pounced on them with weapons. Create bigamy of interest in the essay indicating that the hunted animal is actually the victim of a bigger game played by humans on animals.

An apt conclusion

Suggest through the essay that with deforestation, we not only aggravate global warming and worsen climatic conditions; we not only increase the rate of soil erosion. We also render the animals homeless for personal pleasure. We humans are not content killing cattle, lamb, goat and chicken for our daily feed; we want every inch of land and cannot allot anything for fellow brethrens.

Wielding our power

Through our superlative power, we can reduce even the ferocious lion to tears and make him nostalgic; as he pines for his family, his loved ones and even for his prey. However, the most he pines for is the canopy of trees and the rustle created by leaves at night as he would saunter for his meal. The essay would then be thought-provoking.

We the atrocious

It is a fact that we are cutting rainforests at an atrocious rate and with that, we are bringing doom to our own durability. However, the ones we are actually ill-treating are innocent animals that help in creating a wonderful natural ecology. And then we have the gumption to talk about energy-consciousness and environment-friendliness.

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