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African American Women: A Road To Career Advancement And Leadership Positions

African American women have integrated well into the workplace, significantly more today than in previous years. They are on par with their counterparts and offer high rates of employment and success among minorities. A good part of that success is their ability to fulfill leadership roles.

Leadership means improved monitoring and reviewing of the quality systems, procedures, and practices. This means you must ensure that the people, workers, and relevant others are involved. Another aspect of quality systems and control is monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of quality systems, procedures, and practice, but wherein you critically evaluate feedback given by people, workers, and relevant others. Identifying the effectiveness of quality assurance and control while looking at the areas that could be improved or could best meet the needs of the people, workers, and relevant others is a part of being in a position of leadership. Getting the people, workers, and relevant others to be involved and contribute to the promotion of quality within the company is done by recording and reporting about the extent and the effectiveness of it.

For the development and viability of your company in the future, you have to identify the opportunities and evaluate them. In order for your company to be viable both in current and future operations; you must evaluate the policies, procedures, and regulations. In responding to the current and future needs and trends for your company you must consider changing the internal needs and external requirements, grabbing the opportunities available for expansion, and those resource requirements. You have to identify these by working with the people, workers, and relevant other third parties.

Other parts of being a leader include working with people, workers, and relevant other third parties to evaluate whether the new markets are potentially good and have resources for the company, along with identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and seeing if the impact these items could have in the future. You can predict this by evaluating the required outcomes, targeting the groups and targeting the competitors of your company. In order to access the current information about the changes in demand, funding and resources you must develop effective relationships with the commissioners, enabling you to foresee what would most likely happen to your company. Through recording, recognizing, and publicizing those positive contributions made the people and the workers, you are ensuring a positive working environment. Ensuring adequate resources to maintain the viability of the company is done through using your market and the other information to inform business planning as well.

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