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Coming Up With Good College Essay Topics: 10 Fresh Ideas

It can be tough to come up with really good college essay topics when it seems as though they’ve all been done before. Luckily, though, there are still plenty of exciting, interesting and unique ideas left for you to attempt. Just 10 of these are listed below.

  1. Describe a past accomplishment that shaped your life
  2. Everyone has had to deal with success and failure. How instrumental has a single accomplishment been in your life? Can you measure its impact?

  3. What is your favourite book and why?
  4. How you describe your favourite book and the reasons you give for loving it can be very revealing about your personality. Remember to include parts of the book that you did not enjoy so much.

  5. Is education important?
  6. With a majority of people leaving school without a basic education (if they even went to school) and surviving, do we actually need education? Could we make do without?

  7. Is NASA important?
  8. What technological advances have been made because of the space programme, if any? Is NASA, in fact, a waste of money? Support your ideas and arguments with facts, if possible.

  9. What is your favourite extracurricular activity and why?
  10. Hopefully, you have hobbies outside of school that you enjoy and that you frequently attend. Which one of these is the best in your opinion and why?

  11. Do we need school uniform?
  12. School uniform is not so widely used in countries like America compared to places like the UK. Is school uniform a good or bad thing?

  13. What movie has most influenced your life?
  14. Films are everywhere, and they’re very popular. They’ve even started shaping the way we think and the way we live our lives. How has a film helped shape your life and how you think?

  15. What do you plan on doing as a career?
  16. What would your ideal career be, and why? Think about the sort of place you’d need to live and whether you would enjoy it or not. What sort of tasks would you need to complete?

  17. What do you fear most and why?
  18. Some people are scared of spiders or heights and don’t understand why, but others are scared of failure or commitment. These are serious issues. Why are you scared of something in particular?

  19. What animal would you say you are most like?
  20. Are you fast like a cheetah or lazy like a sloth? Are you a playful otter or someone who is more serious? Be creative with your answers!

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