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How to write an expository essay conclusion

Regardless of what some people out there may say, higher education can still make the difference when it comes to your future income. Most of the people with a college degree at least stand a better chance of winning more money and of being more satisfied with their work than people without a degree and although this is not a rule (and there are many famous people to prove this – Steve Jobs, for example), you will probably want to make the most of your college degree as well.

Like it or not, assignments are part of your college education and it is quite likely that you will have to write at least one expository essay during your 4 years of Bachelor studies in college. Although the different types of academic writing and the requirements for each assignment may seem confusing at first, you may actually grow into liking these assignments more than just sitting a written exam at the end of the term.

Expository Essays: the Basics

There are many types of essays out there, some of which are quite difficult to handle with. The argumentative essay, for example, will require you to find your own ideas in relation to a certain topic and expose them in a way that is persuasive for the reader. However, the expository essay will not need arguments, as there will not be an actual thesis statement you will have to sustain with your own ideas. Expository essays are very frequently believed to be the easiest kind of essays out there precisely because you will be able to find all the information you need to write them in books (and you will not need to run extensive research either, such as in the case of a research paper for example).

How to Write the Conclusion of your Expository Essay

Bear in mind the fact that conclusions are important for any kind of essay or paper you will have to deliver in college. In the end, this is precisely what your reader will be stuck with. Bear in mind the fact that your expository essay conclusion should follow these tips:

  1. It should reinforce the main idea of your essay, your thesis statement (even if this thesis statement is not an opinion that needs arguments).
  2. Also, it should sum up the main ideas you have presented throughout your essay.
  3. It should be strong and it should make you look reliable in the eyes of the reader.
  4. You should avoid being partial about things.
  5. The last sentence should be memorable and well-crafted.

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