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The Use of Shapes and Colors in The Works of Antoni Gaudi and Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Art has gone through trends and periods in which different styles, mediums, colors, and applications were favored. These different desired styles can be found in artwork, sculptures, architecture, and even fashion. Antoni Gaudi was a famous Spanish Catalan artist and Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an iconic Austrian artist. Both relied heavily upon shapes and colors from nature, not just the subjects in their art, to convey the message of their many works.

Antoni Gaudi was also an architect, so corners, lines, and geometrical shapes intrigued him. He was of the Gothic and also the Modern Period and he relied heavily on religious and Asian influences in his many different works. Spaces, holes, and partitions were important to him. He often used vivid and bold colors such as the ones on the salamander sculpture by Gaudi that can be found in Park Guell. Nature, such as animals and mountains, provided another inspiration for his works. He studied the lines and peaks of mountains and used these images in his compositions. In Sagrada Familia’s nave there is a piece that was inspired by a tree’s trunk and branches in the ceiling vault. Colors and shapes mattered as much, if not more, than subjects in Antoni Gaudi’s works.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser of Austria also created in many mediums such as paintings, tile, fashion, and architect, just like Gaudi did. He, too, utilized bright and bold colors and images and lines from nature. He called his obsession with lines and spirals transautomatism. His design for the new flag of New Zealand includes spirals. It also includes vivid green ferns, which are meant to symbolize new beginnings. His buildings also included lines from nature. The apartment block called Hundertwasserhaus actually has uneven floors like a ground would and trees growing inside of rooms. The roof has a grass covering. Nature was a source of inspiration for him in his many art pieces.

Both Antoni Gaudi and Friedensreich Hundertwasser used bright and bold colors from nature in their many pieces of art. Even though they are from different countries and different schools of art, both artists looked to nature for the seeds of their many masterful works. Not only did they use the vivid greens, blues, and reds from nature, but the two artists also utilize lines and forms that can be found nature.

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