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 Essay Writing Help: Editing Your Writing

Essay writing is not a difficult task for students who are good at writing and have creative skills. Students who find it hard to write an essay need to practice their writing skills a lot. If you are looking for essay writing help then you need to be aware of a few things that are necessary to proof read and edit your essay. Proof reading and editing are two different things. Proof reading involves reading your draft carefully and editing includes correcting the mistakes you identify during your proof reading process.

Here are the few important steps to follow for editing your essay

Write the first draft

When you have carefully chosen a topic and have collected enough data then you can start writing the first draft of your essay. It is the rough work before you actually write your final essay. The first draft is never going to be perfect. There will be areas that lack flow and have some mistakes in the sentence structure. Do not worry about perfection in your first attempt. Humans are prone to errors and they can only be omitted by revising and proof reading. Write whatever comes to your mind and you can check it later.

Re-read your draft

Once you have finished writing your first draft then you can move to the next step. The next step you need to take is re read your essay. Take a pencil in your hand if you have a hard copy. Some students prefer writing on the computer for this method you can change the color and highlight the mistakes in your essay. When you working with a pen and a paper then you can encircle or underline the mistakes. When you recheck your draft make sure you read it aloud. This will help you to identify the natural flow of writing. If something does not sound good you can underline it and re arrange the sentences.

Check for grammar

During the editing phase you will also have to look for grammatical errors and rectify them

Check for spelling

For this purpose you can rely on the spell checker in MS word.

Delete the repetitive words

If there are sentences or words that need to be omitted and do not add value to your essay delete them

Here are a few more things you should do to edit your essay properly

  • Check the order of your essay
  • Write the introduction
  • Write a clear conclusion

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